The following people have graciously shared their own unique gratitudes since getting sober. You will surely be inspired!

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Daph, from Raw Alcohol Recovery Instagram Account and Youtube Link shares her #sobergratitudes :








Brad DeRoma, from Sober and Loving Life 2015 shares his gratitude:







Steve, from soberlife78 , has, for 12 years, been walking the spiritual line of sobriety, dedicated to serving others and staying sober. He shares about the drastic change in his life from drugs/depression/self loathing and fear, to a God centered life; a life of peace and authentic friendships. All because he surrendered to his old life of drug/alcohol addiction to one of recovery and freedom.








Sarah, from fargo_momof4 and myzyia dream big shares how she is so grateful for all the people who never gave up on her. She is grateful to no longer be caught in the tight grip of alcohol. She is able to be more present with her loved ones and is free of guilt and shame! Sarah, thank you for showing us how grateful we can be with out drinking no matter how much time we have!








Erik Z from depthjunkie36 shares about second chances and vulnerability.














Lori, from @lori2906 is grateful for no hangovers 5 months in to a sober life! Keep at it Lori! Sober keeps getting better!