I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

It’s always refreshing to wake up with this thought. God willing, I won’t ever have to groan the alternative, “I drank too much” again.

My dreams have made more of an appearance lately- I was in a dry spell for a good year. Currently, they have materialized as mostly disorganized snippets of a story. My mind discerns them like tiny puzzle pieces thrown about on the floor.

My dreams are welcomed gifts. They can be strange yet telling. The more I dream , the more vivid they become. I truly believe they are messages from God or my most inner self. Sometimes I have dreamt of loved ones who have passed. Once I was told very explicit orders from an uncle who recently passed. He wanted me to convey a message to his sons. When I called them , they were shocked with the information I gave them. Information I could not have known about their relationship.

Last night, my dream presented fluidly and this is how it went:

Fully clothed, I gave birth to a baby girl while standing with a group of people at a party. The sudden (and excruciatingly painful pre-push) pressure socked me in the rear with no forewarning. The pressure to push by-passed any contractions. I waited for her head with a knowingness that her arrival was imminent. As I moved my hands to guide her out, she effortlessly slid through all the right parts of me-as if she had done this before. But this time, she was born absent of intensity or drama. That, I was sure of.

In the blink of an eye, I was holding a 15 month baby dressed in pink frills. Her head sprouting soft silky fuzz.

I lifted her up above me, her back at my face. I presented her to party guests as if I was announcing a significant arrival. The scene was reminiscent of the beginning of the movie, The Lion King, when the monkey , Rafiki, raised the lion pup , Simba, for all his Kingdom to see.

Then, I woke.

Every dream I have is sacred to me. I know I am being shown something about myself or the circumstances of my life.

In my heart , I know how this dream is meant for me to interpret. And the interpretation gives me hope.

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