“Be Patient When You Sit In The Dark. The Dawn Is Coming. ~Rumi

Last night, I wrote The Truth About My Son’s Autism and My Depression and between Instagram and my blog, I received several kind and encouraging responses. Writing my truth was incredibly cathartic. I believe it helped me get a good nights sleep. This morning, I feel refreshed and no longer “emotionally hung over.”  Thank you, people of WordPress for being a source of hope and inspiration.

The faith I have in God’s love for me, and not picking up a drink allow me to grieve as I need to, then come out the other side, recovered. I have done this in the past with success. I remember how I have succeeded, so I trust my journey through grief when it pops up again.

I used to drink alcohol or get overly busy (avoidance) when difficult feelings came up. I learned in recovery that this approach is toxic to my body, mind and soul. The tough emotions stay trapped inside and keep me sick. Fearlessly accepting these emotions, sitting with them patiently, and allowing them to flow through me: this is what I need to do to stay well. Had I taken the easier road, (drinking/avoidance activities), I would have woken up with a hangover with the toxicity of alcohol pumping through my veins and my spirit. I would have been angry and snippy with my husband and family.

Had I not taken these simple steps, there would be:

No sunrise; No dawn.


Featured image thanks to @stayabovetheweather, an Instagram account that captures the beauty of my happy place, Long Beach Island, NJ.

3 thoughts on ““Be Patient When You Sit In The Dark. The Dawn Is Coming. ~Rumi

  1. Beautiful picture of a sunset or sunrise. I have always been partial to these as they are the beginning of a new start or a time of rest and reflection. God does carry us through those difficult times, we just have to be willing to allow it. There is a country song that came out several years ago about God take the wheel and I really like that thought – Here God you drive. Best of God’s loving and have a great Christmas.

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  2. Drinking/Avoiding can seem like the easier road in the short run, but not always in the long run. The dawn always comes and we are often made stronger by the darkness we faced, especially when we have good support. Blessings are ahead!

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