Social Solutions in Sobriety

Social gatherings where alcohol is served can feel burdensome and cause anxiety for those looking to stay sober.

Here are some tips to help enjoy yourself safely.

1- Hold on tight to your non-alcoholic drink! Keep your glass full. This keeps re-fillers from stalking you.

2- Have a simple script ready for when you are offered a new drink or refill:  “Oh thanks for the offer, but I’m all set!” A polite, short and confident response does not hurt anyone.

3- Before the party , contact people in your support network and let them know how you will be at a function serving alcohol. Ask if they can be available to call during that party if you need.

4-Have an “out” plan.  (You can white lie. It won’t hurt anyone). For example:

~The babysitter needs to leave,

~You are developing a headache,

~An appointment the next day that requires to get up early.

Keep your reasons short and concise. Too much babbling in guilt about needing to leave causes suspicion and further questioning by host. Less is better. 

5-Let your host know ahead of time that you will need to leave by a certain time.

6-(H.A.L.T) If you are in a bad mood, irritable , feeling sick, or tired, Do not go at all. Accept the fact that skipping the party all together will keep you sober. You are at risk of slipping if you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired. (HALT)

Most immediate benefit of all this? NO HANGOVER!

Another bit of advice that really worked for me was deciding on what I would focus on during the party that had nothing to do with drinking. I would set a goal for myself to find 3 people to converse with and learn at least one fact about them. Remember: people LOVE talking about themselves. The more questions you ask them, the more you stay out of YOUR OWN head.

Check out my Instagram account (@unexpectedlyauthentic) to see how I can have fun during any kind of function all year ’round with out alcohol.

Here is a video of my husband and I doing what we love: dancing. And I’m sober!

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