Why I Want To Be A Truth Teller

I decided to quiet my social media presence. By quiet, I mean stop posting on FB, trim my original Instagram account and eventually deactivate. The original account was personal and had many pictures of not just me, but of family and friends. I plan to keep my second account called: @unexpectedlyauthentic. . The overall purpose of my new account is a means to link people to my blog that I have found is followed by mostly my WordPress family (yeah, that’s you!). A few of my very close personal friends and some family are occasionally taking a peek at my writing but only a few have signed up for WordPress to “follow” me. Essentially, all these changes will allow me to be transparent about my life experiences that may involve others, but be more private with what pictures I post, names I share, and other details about their involvement in a story.

Since I launched it in early September, it has changed many times to get it (I think) to exactly how I want it. Exactly how I want it means I’m spilling the beans about a lot of my own personal stuff. I know some people close to me would prefer I keep my some things exclusively in an old-fashioned journal. But my penmanship sucks, and I lose things easily. It’s hard to lose my computer, phone and iPad where I do all my writing and reading.

Every day that passes by, I realize just how passionately I feel about this blog baby of mine.  It gives me the opportunity to be a “Truth Teller.” When I wasn’t a Truth Teller, I felt a weight on my shoulders. I felt so much of myself was not being seen. Deep inside I felt my truths may help others.  Many of my truths might make some people uncomfortable. Some may disagree with this forum for Truth Telling. Some may be shocked when they read about my truths.  But I know that there are so many people out there in and out of the WordPress World who have similar truths that they share or prefer not to. Isn’t it wonderful to have that freedom to share what you feel is important to share?

As I write this, I feel kind of like I’m justifying my convictions and decisions about being a mostly anonymous Truth Teller on a public domain. My people pleasing problem that comes with my recovering alcoholism is really showing up at this moment.  I fear I will hurt, embarrass or disappoint people.

My intentions are anything but that.

What I have come to realize is that I simply want to connect with others who love to write about their life’s passions and believe in the power of transformation.

Maybe some readers who stumble upon my  blog will feel a sense of relief that they are not the only ones who struggle with depression, anxiety, mom-hood, self-care, chronic pain, alcoholism, or are questioning their relationship with alcohol.


Last year I read The Love Warrior, by Glennon Doyle. I was blown away. I loved her story, her passion for life and confidence to love fiercely. I love her courage and her willingness to take risks in being honest.  Since I read her book, a seed was planted in me. Glennon spoke to me in her book. She told me to be brave. She told me to show up and be honest and messy. She told me it is ok not to feel strong sometimes. All these messages became sparks, and eventually a fire was lit in my soul.

I am Authentic. I am Truth Teller. I need my truths “to exist somewhere other than inside my body”.

In my gut, I feel this is right.

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