Eye To Eye With The Abyss

I swing too high:

control is lost

to something pulling me up

spinning my head and gut, forcing me


the stratosphere.

I need to come down carefully

so that I can control the vomit

of my ugly truths.

But instead, I’m brought down like an


and I spew the words,

the tears,

the cries,

the everything,

the nothing.


I am empty.


No more swing, just unsettled earth.

Frozen, I feel it creeping towards me.

I look! Deceit is its eyes.

While rigid, I turn to sludge,

I slip downward like spilled tar.

It is black and ugly and smells of death.

Despite my resistance, I fail.

I resign myself to my truth;

I am eye to eye with the abyss- again.

It carries me gently (it lies!) and I am swallowed into familiar and wicked darkness.

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